Aquarius Tattoos- Start a Trend

Published: 04th November 2009
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The traditional western representation of Aquarius is the water bearer that makes a significant Aquarius tattoo design. The carriers of this sign were born between January 20th and February 18th. It is the only zodiac sign that features a man, though oftentimes the water bearer is reflected as a woman. There are many variations on how the image of the Aquarius is being portrayed but any variant will do as long as it features the flowing water out of its vessel.

If you're one of the Aquarians, you are recognized for being religious, composed and always calm. These characteristics make you well connected to the world that surrounds you. Aquarius tattoos blend well with colors that strike hope such as the green and blue. However, you are never required to limit your design to these colors because the best color for your tattoo would be what pleases your eyes the most.

Tattoos become splendid art pieces when you let it grow with you. The glyph for Aquarius is a marvelous artwork that can stand alone for all your views while taking pride out of your zodiac sign. If you love to imagine the tranquil and soothing sound of the waves in ocean shores, you can find your serenity with the glyph, which looks like the waves because it is composed of two wavy horizontal and parallel lines.

The Aquarian's love for plants is apparent. That is why a rich mixture of plants and flowers can be associated with the Aquarius tattoos, which can make it look more alive. The flowers that can complete the design of the Aquarian zodiac tattoos are Orchids, Bird of Paradise, Dandelions and Goldenrods.

Though the ideas and choices for Aquarius tattoos are almost unlimited, being a straightforward person doesn't make you out of place. You can get straight to your purpose through lettered tattoos which can boldly proclaim how proud you are of being an Aquarian. These kinds of tattoos challenge the creativity of your tattooist when it comes to lettering wherein you can go for an inscription that best reflects your Aquarian traits.

Be meticulous with the tattoo you would like to ink your body with. This way you will never repent your decision of undergoing the needles because you failed to personally check the design you want for your tattoo. Nevertheless, you don't need to worry much about being wrong, since Aquarians are innately imaginative and have a good sense of ingenuity.

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